Dr. Primavera has been a key player in the improvement of my health and wellness. Her expertise as a chiropractor has helped me feel better in more ways than one. After seeing quite a few medical doctors, I found no answers and no relief for my symptoms. After consulting with Dr. P nearly three years ago, she encouraged me to try a gluten free diet. After some resistance, I finally took her advice and can’t thank her enough for helping me improve my overall wellness. Seeing Dr. P on a regular basis along with my special diet, gives me great relief of my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Dr. P is devoted to her patients, listens to concerns, and wants to truly help. Also, many times my young children accompany me to my appointments. The staff is always welcoming and kind to us all.


My friend Dottie raved about Dr. Primavera, so I gave her a try. I have been seeing Dr. Primavera for several of years and I drive an hour to see her. I love Dr. Primavera and her office staff. I am very grateful to my friend for sharing “ALL” of them with me.


I met Dr. Primavera when she became an associate of Dr. Slavek. It was then that I quickly learned she had passion for helping restore people back to health through Chiropractic care. She willingly talked over my health issues with me. When she opened her own practice, I knew I would continue Doctoring with her. In the past few years, her treatments have brought me relief from assorted areas of pain. The past year I had a painful problem from a hurniated disc and her intense care and concern led me to getting relief. Her recommendation of an excellent surgeon and now the gentle care has me back to feeling great again and in alignment. Thank you Dr. Primavera.


I’ve been a patient at the Chiropractic Wellness Center for years. Dr. Primavera has been instrumental in helping me manage chronic pain due to severe scoliosis. The therapy I receive which includes massage, stretching, adjustment and arthrostim, have dramatically improved the quality of my daily routine. I’ve also gained invaluable information concerning overall health and nutrition from Dr. Primavera, Dr. Coforio (especially dealing with my gluten intolerance), MaryBeth and Tracy. The office is warm and welcoming, thanks to a great staff-Kim, Wendy and Jenna. The Chiropractic Wellness Center is a true “Healing” Center with a caring heart.


I don’t believe I would be walking around today if not for Chiropractic care, 50 years ago. I go now every month. I am 86 years old and could not live independently with out it.


I was skeptical of chiropractic medicine up until a fall off a roof and traumatic back injury in February of 2011 ultimately lead me to Dr. Primaveras office. Her treatment changed my opinion.

Following spine surgery, an 8-day hospital stay, physical therapy and a complete series of pain injections including a nerve block, I was still suffering from acute pain in my lower back. I would struggle out of bed and need an hour or more of sitting on heating pads along with low intensity prescription pain medicine to get my day started as a building contractor. I thought I was running out of options in seeking relief and was starting to think the pain was something I would have to learn to live with (something I was actually told by my surgeon). Not wanting to give up yet, I found Dr Primavera through my insurance providers list and decided to give her a try.

Well I can state with absolute honesty that my opinions of chiropractic medicine have definitely changed. She developed a plan that eased me into a fuller, more aggressive treatment since initially I could only be adjusted standing up. In just one month of treatment, I have gone from a painful morning routine and not being able to lay flat for treatment, to being able to not only lay flat, but do so on either side, front, and back. . My pain has been reduced by almost 90% since I began treatment and on most days, I no longer have to sit after getting out of bed and I am completely off any prescription pain medication and only occasionally take an OTC pain reliever.

Dr. Primavera not only provides individualized treatment, she takes the time to discuss how I feel each time I come in for an adjustment and her ‘table-side’ manner is great. Her staff always remembers her patients by name and are very pleasant to deal with. Not only is the pain relief important, so is the personal service her and her staff provide.

I can and will recommend Dr. Primavera to anyone who is seeking a caring chiropractor that wants not only relief from pain, but also the personal service she and her staff provide.