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Nutritional counseling is a process that helps people identify their dietary needs, understand the scientific basis of nutrition, and plan an appropriate diet to meet these needs. It involves the holistic management of a person’s nutrition to help them achieve optimal health while also managing their weight. Reach out to Denise Primavera, DC DACNB and Dr. Lisa Leszcynski in Telford for comprehensive nutritional counseling therapy and enjoy the following benefits.

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Helping with Weight Loss

Chiropractors often recommend nutritional counseling, as excess weight can lead to myriad joint and spine problems. Nutritional counseling is effective for people who have tried losing weight independently without significant success.

We can help you develop a meal plan that enhances weight loss and overall wellness through an in-depth look into how your body responds to different foods. These meetings can guide you to a

positive and lasting change in your weight as you adopt the right proportions of your meals and learn how to control your cravings.

Managing Chronic Illnesses

Nutritional counseling can help you manage conditions such as insulin resistance, high cholesterol, autoimmune disorders, and type 2 diabetes. The food you consume has an enormous impact on your health and level of wellness. Therefore, learning how to control your intake can give you better control of these conditions. Well-customized sessions can even help reverse such conditions completely by helping you keep check on whatever you consume.

Improving Your Level of Fitness

Nutritional counseling can assist you in tailoring a meal plan to suit your fitness goals. Some meals help boost your muscle mass, stamina, or strength. By sharing your fitness goals with us, we can advise you on what to take and the right volumes for better and quick results on your workouts.

Enhancing Your Overall Wellness

Nutritional counseling focuses on your general wellness as a person. They don’t limit the session to a specific objective, like losing weight but attaining your optimum level. They can guide you on how to implement a nutrition plan to:

  • Enhance sleep
  • Boost your mood
  • Increase energy
  • Strengthen your immune system, thus preventing autoimmune disorders
  • Enhance concentration
  • Suppress the symptoms of illness

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Denise Primavera, DC DACNB and Dr. Lisa Leszcynski can provide dietary advice and guidance on healthy eating patterns. We will assess your nutritional status (e.g., body weight, body mass index) and help you develop a personal plan for weight loss or maintenance, including appropriate exercises. Book your appointment for a comprehensive nutritional strategy for achieving a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Call our team today at (215) 723-7900 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.