Functional Neurology is a branch of neurology that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of neurological disorders by assessing the function of the nervous system. This approach involves examining the brain and nervous system as a whole, rather than looking at individual parts or specific symptoms.

Functional neurologists use a variety of techniques to evaluate the function of the nervous system, including neurological exams, imaging studies, and electrophysiological testing. They may also incorporate methods such as eye movement testing, balance and coordination testing, and cognitive testing.

The goal of functional neurology is to identify any underlying dysfunction or imbalances in the nervous system and develop an individualized treatment plan to address those issues. Treatment may involve a combination of rehabilitative exercises, dietary and lifestyle changes, and targeted therapies such as chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, or neurofeedback.

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Dr. Lisa Leszcynski was born and raised in Robbinsville NJ. She graduated from Rowan University Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors in Exercise Science where she ran cross country and track and was inducted into the National Honor Society of Athletics. Always having a passion for holistic health, she decided to continue her education at Sherman College of Chiropractic where she graduated with Deans List.

Dr. Lisa is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through Functional Medicine University. She is working toward obtaining her diplomate in Clinical Nutrition. She is passionate about hormone testing, gut health, and allergy testing. Dr. Lisa believes that the true path to health is uncovering the root cause of illness instead in chasing the symptom.

She uses safe, gentle and specific techniques to deliver effective results. She honors that every patient is unique and is well versed in a variety of techniques based on the patient’s individual needs.

Dr. Lisa’s other post graduate training includes many hours of prenatal and postpartum care as well as pediatric care. She also holds advanced certifications in Webster Technique and Torque Release Technique. Dr. Lisa is an advocate for women’s health.

She spends her free time with her dogs traveling, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. She also loves babysitting her 11 month old nephew.