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posted: May 11, 2018

Important information for our valued patients:

Would you please take a moment to contact your representatives regarding a very important issue?

Although this topic may not directly apply to you, as it involves our Highmark patients, your insurance could be impacted at a later date, as the smaller companies tend to follow the trendsetters.  If you pay for your visits out-of-pocket and do not use insurance, your voice will still have an impact.

The insurance companies are continually regulating chiropracitc care; limiting number of visits, requiring treatment plans from the doctors and endless paperwork from the patients, to list a few. Would you please contact them to let them know how important it is to you, as a chiropractic patient, for them to please vote to protect your access to “doctor” directed chiropractic care, rather than insurance companies limiting your access to care.

We are attaching a letter along with the contact information for the various representatives that can make a difference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 215-723- 7900, and thank you in advance for your help in taking control of your healthcare benefits.


Here is the letter:


I am writing to you today as one of Pennsylavania’s health care consumers. I am a chiropractic patient and I rely on my health care converage for my chiropractic treatments which are very important to my overall health.

I am opposed to and gravely concerned about the recent decision by Highmark to implement its Physical Medicine Management Program.  Highmark’s program is clearly intended to restrict quality of care an patients’ access to care. It will also continue to line the already bulging coffers of Highmark.

I respectfully ask you to order an immediate halt to the planned implementation of Highmark’s Pysical Medicine Management Program and to initiate an inquiry into Highmark’s current reserve fund, which is clearly excessive.

In 2002, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department questioned Highmark about their then-excessive $2.4 Billion reserves. In 2011, Highmark’s reserves were $3.7 Billion, an astounding 38% increases in nine years. It is very apparent that Highmark has drifted away from its “social mission” to Highmark’s real mission is raking in profits, literally by raiding the pocketbooks of its members.

Please intervene now. Pennsylvania’s health care consumers simply cannot afford to take yet another financial hit.  the Commonwealth should not allow Highmark, motivated by their financial greed, to inappropriately impose on the patient-provider relationship.

Thank you for your prompt response to my request.




Send Letters to:

Governor Tom Corbett

Governor’s Office

225 Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120


Commissioner Michael Consedine

PA Insurance Department

1326 Strawberry Square

Harrisburg, PA 17120


Honorable Charles Mcllhinney, Jr.

Main Capital Building

Pennsylvania Senate

Harrisburg, Pa 17120


Honorable Katherine Watson

Main Capital Building

Pennsylvania House of Represtatives

Harrisburg, PA 17120

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